What do parking area managers and owners care about?
Safety is the #1 reason why all parking lots require markings and symbols. As a parking lot owner, you are required to have your parking lot lines maintained to provide safe traffic flow for vehicles and pedestrians. Clear markings that meet municipal regulations significantly improve liability concerns from accidents or damages that occur in the parking lot.

Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic Flow

Having clear visible parking lot lines, and symbols (arrows, handicap, no parking, fire lane etc) is imperative when it comes to efficient vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow. Having markings to follow will improve traffic flow and minimize confusion when it comes to:
– where and when vehicles must stop
– where pedestrians can walk
– what areas to avoid
– who has the right of way
– where vehicles can park and not park
– where vehicles can park that contain people with additional requirements such as Handicap, electric vehicle or loading area etc.

Curb Appeal

A parking lot with freshly painted lines will show that you are open for business and boost the curb appeal of your property. First impressions are key, and your parking area is usually the first of a picture is worth a thousand words. Having your parking lot lines and road markings clear and fresh implies to your customers that you care about the appearance of your property and their safety.

Parking Efficiency

A well laid out parking lot will maximize the efficiency of how your parking lot square footage is used. Make sure that your parking stalls are sized and laid out properly. This will ensure that you are providing the most available parking spaces for your lot, while also complying with size guidelines and your customer’s needs.


Our team of professionals can handle line painting for jobs both large and small. We have the equipment and skills necessary to paint basic lines for your lot or custom designs for your unique requirements.
Line painting and retracing
Removal and stripping of old markings
Letter and number stenciling
Handicap parking symbol painting
Curb painting
Speed bump painting
Crosswalk like painting
Traffic arrow painting
Stop line and bar painting
Specialty symbols and markings


Stripeline is dedicated to helping you with your parking lot and road area. We provide quick response times and high-quality services so that you don’t have to be frustrated with a worn or unwelcoming parking lot for any longer than necessary. A fresh and clear parking lot says a lot about your company, and we want to make sure you send that message to customers and passersby.

We’ll come to your property at your convenience, and we’ll quickly repaint your parking lot to fit and exceed your expectations. Lower mainland weather can be tough on asphalt, so whenever you need a touch-up job, we can help with that as well.